We are the 1st salon in Malaysia to provide Customised Hair Treatments (hair loss, dandruff, oily/dry scalp/hair, Itchy scalp etc) and Customised Facials (acne, pigmentation, sunburn, anti wrinkle/lifting, brightening) based on clients skin and hair care needs. Customisation is done on the spot after examining client's skin and hair by founder using 100% Natural and Organic ingredients. Treatments are so safe as each concoction is Edible. Besides this we also provide Organic Hair Coloring & Henna Hair + Herbs. 
We are the first to provide Edible Honey Sugar Wax for Waxing. Do read our many client reviews on FB.
Now we bring you Organic & 100% Natural products whereby you are able to DIY in the comfort of your own home.
We have amazing range of Hair Colors and we also have a Special Anti Allergy Range for those who have Sensitive Scalps. Do reach out if you require any info or assistance.
You may also easily schedule appointments with us via FB under Book Now.